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What are three major problems facing the dispensary industry that can be addressed through selecting the proper payment processing /credit card processing partner? We see these problems as follows:

  - Account closure: How do you ensure that your credit card processing account doesn’t get shut down with the possibility of your funds being held?
  - Competition: How do you position yourself in the market to attract and keep clients?


All businesses, regardless of industry, are tasked with two main business objectives, Limit Risk and Increase Profitability. When you decide to add a partner to your business you must ensure that the partner you select have your business objectives in mind.

MAXX Payment Processing is that partner.  We are focused on limiting your risk and helping increase profitability with a payment processing solution tailored to your specific business.

  - Account closure: Your merchant account will be submitted as a marijuana dispensary. We fully disclose the nature of the business and products you sell to our sponsor bank. Full disclosure ensures there are no complications down the road. Your credit card receivables are a significant source of revenue. As a business owner you cannot afford to have that revenue stream interrupted. MAXX Payment Processing makes sure that will not happen.
  - Competition: With so much competition in the market today it is very important to offer easy payment solutions to your clients. MAXX Payment Processing solutions give you the ability to do just that. Make it easy for your clients to pay.


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